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Power Sales on LinkedIn.

We are on a mission to effectively support and empower every sales representative in his or her daily prospecting and communication by keeping their workflows in one central place - on LinkedIn.

Leadjet began with ourselves back in March 2020 in Berkeley, USA. We used LinkedIn for prospecting to make as many connections as possible in the Bay Area and had a hard time creating and enriching the new contacts in our CRM.

We were tired of manually logging every prospect interaction in our CRM. We were tired of manually creating a contact and managing messages and follow-ups. Each of these repetitive, low-value tasks were time consuming.

We saw an opportunity for innovation and developed a little piece of magic (and you know it when you see it) to save us time. We decided to offer it to every sales team in the world.

Co-Founder & CTO

Romain Ginestou

Prior to founding Leadjet, Romain gained first experience working at Dassault Aviation where he developed an automated AI testing platform.

Romain graduated with an Engineering degree from ENSTA Paris, and was President of its Computer Science Association. He then received his MSc in Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris and École Polytechnique.

He has a passion for design and teaching, and loves to model 3D sports cars using CAD software.

Co-Founder & CEO

David Chevalier

Prior founding Leadjet, David worked as an analyst in Leveraged Finance and Private Debt at ODDO BHF in Frankfurt. He gained first experience as one of the early initiators of 'Tradity', a leading social trading game and NPO to spread financial education in Germany.

David has a double degree in Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris and École Polytechnique. He also studied at UC Berkeley.

He’s a sports enthusiast and played in the 2nd tier in the German youth football league.


Maged Talaat

Prior to joining Leadjet, Maged worked in Growth Marketing for the SF-based startup Omnekey. He also gained experience at Savola Group, the biggest food and retail investment group in the Middle East and North Africa.

Maged holds a BSc. in Renewable Energy Engineering from Badr University Cairo.

Growing up as a competitive swimmer, he loves coaching youngsters to unleash their full potential.

Business Development

Laura Patricia

Prior to joining Leadjet, Laura worked as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group and also gained experience at Meero, a French unicorn startup.

She graduated with an Economics degree from University of Gadjah Mada (Indonesia) and a Business degree from Toulouse Business School (France).

Since Laura grew up in tropical countries of Singapore and Indonesia, during holiday she will find every possible opportunity to go back to the water to surf or dive.

Tech Lead

Pierre Portejoie

Pierre Portejoie's picture

Prior to joining Leadjet, Pierre has been part of a graphic collective creating websites for actors of the cultural world.

Having written his first line of BASIC at 8, he later obtained his engineering degree from INSA Lyon and had the occasion to work as a teacher to share his passion for computers. He particularly enjoys discussions about front-end, JavaScript and making the best efforts to build products that last.

He has been playing piano since childhood and has a keen interest in sociology, art and theater.”

Our deep insights in both the European and the US B2B sales markets enabled us to find and develop a simple but innovative solution that improves the daily sales prospecting of sourcers, SDR's and sales managers. We work where you work - on LinkedIn. Find, enrich and qualify your leads without a new interface.

We are a group of people sharing a love for simple products, that can be used by everyone to save time where it's needed and to concentrate on 'what really matters'. Business in mind, technology at hand, and a heartfelt passion for prospecting is our recipe for providing a state-of-the-art sales intelligence tool.

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