The Missing Piece to
Power Sales on Linkedin.

We are on a mission to effectively support and empower every sales representative in his or her daily prospecting and communication by keeping their workflows in one central place - on LinkedIn.

Leadjet began with ourselves back in March 2020 in Berkeley, USA. We used LinkedIn for prospecting to make as many connections as possible in the Bay Area and had a hard time creating and enriching the new contacts in our CRM.

We were tired of manually logging every prospect interaction in our CRM. We were tired of manually creating a contact and managing messages and follow-ups. Each of these repetitive, low-value tasks were time consuming.

We saw an opportunity for innovation and developed a little piece of magic (and you know it when you see it) to save us time. We decided to offer it to every sales team in the world.

Co-Founder & CTO

Romain Ginestou

Co-Founder & CEO

David Chevalier


Maged Talaat

Business Development

Laura Patricia


Axel Grubba

Our deep insights in both the European and the US B2B sales markets enabled us to find and develop a simple but innovative solution that improves the daily sales prospecting of sourcers, SDR's and sales managers. We work where you work - on LinkedIn. Find, enrich and qualify your leads without a new interface.

We are a group of people sharing a love for simple products, that can be used by everyone to save time where it's needed and to concentrate on 'what really matters'. Business in mind, technology at hand, and a heartfelt passion for prospecting is our recipe for providing a state-of-the-art sales intelligence tool.

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