Anduro Marketing increases web traffic 5x!

Read how Anduro increases interaction on LinkedIn and boosts website traffic.

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Qualifio's BDR's save 104+ hours per month

Read how the sales team realized improvements in their sales process since beginning to utilize Leadjet late last year

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Optimizes social selling & int. collaboration

Worklife was able to ink deals with companies like Randstad, AstraZeneca & Ubisoft - all online, with help of Leadjet.

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Vendredi's Sales Team saves 116h+ per month

Read how Leadjet has helped employees improve their multichannel marketing approach, collaboration, and organization.

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Comet gets 0% data error & finds a peace of mind

By using Leadjet, Comet was able to optimize their workflow and give their employees peace of mind while prospecting.

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Havr gets a 80% open rate and 92% reply rate

Read how Leadjet helped Havr to gain the right balance of automation and personalization to achieve a 92% reply rate.

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