How to enable Pipedrive Deals

Leadjet Guide: Updated 23/03/2021

Welcome to this guide. Here are the few steps you need to follow to have Pipedrive Deals working on Leadjet.

Pipedrive requires extra privileges when it comes to creating Deals. The easiest way to get things back on track is to re-connect Leadjet. No worries, all your account information is safely stored on our servers.

On your Pipedrive account:
1) Visit Settings > Marketplace Apps > Leadjet
2) Delete Leadjet

On LinkedIn:
3) Click on the Leadjet popup in the top-right corner (can be hidden inside the puzzle piece)
4) Disconnect from your account

5) Click on Connect a new CRM

6) Click on "Let's go" and follow the steps to connect Pipedrive to Leadjet again

That's it!
Please feel free to reach out to if you need any help.

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