How to add, enrich & automatically update your leads


Movitext is an A2P SMS aggregator focused in quality direct routes in Central America. They provide a complete platform service to send high-quality SMS communication to clients.

Movitext’s network covers 18 carriers in 6 countries. It became a regional leader with more than 100 heavyweight clients from IT, Banking, Retail, Automotive, Telecommunications and Education industries such as Hyundai, Honda and PepsiCo. 

Movitext and its sales team faced two evolving sourcing efficiency challenges and contacted Leadjet. Movitext has collected several thousands of CRM contacts over the years, many of which are now outdated. Updating the records manually would take several years and would require the hiring of dozens of sourcers. Not only is it time-consuming, but it’s also risky and mistakes are not easy to fix.

Movitext was first looking to automate data entry and lead capturing so that no more contact information had to be added manually. The second challenge for Movitext’s sales team was to automatically update thousands of CRM entries for some of the most difficult to find leads.

By choosing to integrate their CRM with the Leadjet software, Movitext’s sales team was able to save significant time and effort while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction across the board. Continue reading to see what Leadjet has to offer.

Movitext SA, Central America
SMS-Aggregator for e.g. Hyundai, Honda & PepsiCo.
Pain Points / Challenges
  • Too much manual work to get prospects into the CRM, cross reference, and find emails
  • Duplicating outreach to previously contacted candidates
  • No sales manager visibility into activity
Results with Leadjet:
  • 4x faster sourcing; 60min time saved per sales rep
  • 1-click upload prospects into their CRM, serves up email addresses for outreach, and displays CRM contacts in LinkedIn
  • Sales manager can better understand what reps prioritize or where prospects are in a holding pattern

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