Save time and enrich your CRM with LinkedIn

Your time is precious. Copy-pasting and tracking LinkedIn profiles into your CRM is not your job.

"Painful to check existence of the lead in the CRM, to know if a colleague has already stayed in contact or I can start to reach out."

"Once I navigate on LinkedIn looking for clients, I don't want to go back to my CRM to create a contact and fill all infos manually."

"Once a profile is identified, I want to find his email address asap without going to a mail provider, then add the mail to the CRM and launch the sequence."

"If I prospect this person on LinkedIn, I don't want to make copy-paste manually all messages I received in my LinkedIn inbox to enrich the CRM."

Your daily pain

Tired of sifting through 20+ notes and cross-referencing an additional 2-10 other places? Tired of continuously creating and updating the lead info each time you contact a prospective customer?

Change it and get started

Our Solution

Enrich your CRM
in one click

Enrich and add any new lead into your CRM in one click from their LinkedIn profile. Their main information (name, job title, company's name, email address) is already pre-filled.


Make your leads stand out on LinkedIn

We connect to your CRM and display existence, status, ownership, contact details and main history of the lead directly on their LinkedIn profile. A new section is embedded below their profile summary.

Engage and manage more effective

We provide you with the right email so that you can focus on outreach. If you stay with LinkedIn messages, we automatically enrich conversations within the CRM so that everything is synchronized. Once a lead answers, the whole team is up to date.


Our Features

Qualify leads much faster

CRM contact info integrated into the corresponding Linkedin profile to manage leads and engage with prospects. Compatible with all LinkedIn accounts.

Leave notes on the profile

Leave notes and tags directly on the LinkedIn profile for follow-up actions. Work in teams and have a view on collaborators past activity.

Sync LinkedIn messages

Click Sync at the bottom of the message panel and Leadjet automatically moves all your conversations into your CRM and LinkedIn on-page contact notes.

Find verified email

Find verified up to date email addresses for LinkedIn profiles, reveal them with one click and enrich your CRM data.

Integrate with your
favorite CRM

Automatically sync your contacts list from your CRM with Leadjet. See up-to-date information in both, so nothing gets lost.

Customized CRM Fields

Create custom fields to add more info to your prospect records and use them as smart place holders.

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